Best Hotel in Shimla

Best Hotel in Shimla

Shimla is a very popular tourist place where hundreds of people visit to celebrate their vacations or picnic. And the tourists also need to stay for a rest and to keep their luggage safe. Therefore, they search for best hotel in Shimla or inns to stay for a couple of days and enjoy their vacations with joy. If you are also a tourist and seeking for the best hotel in Shimla, then you are in the right place.

Hotel CK International | Best Hotel in Shimla

The Hotel CK International is the best hotel in Shimla which provides best facilities and services to the travelers who stay there. It is a kind of 3-Star Hotel or more than that by observing the sort of facilities it has provided to its customers or the travelers till the date. The hotel is located on the Mall Road in Shimla which is only 1.8 km away from the Shimla Railway Station. So for the tourists, it will be easy and comfortable to reach the best hotel in Shimla.
The hotel has a free parking service and a space to park 300 buses and cars, which is rare in any other hotel in Shimla. Also, the hotel consists of a multi provision restaurant where a person can enjoy various kinds of meals and 'Thalis' of his choice. When the tourists go for a tour of the city and return back to the hotel all tired and exhausted. To make the tourists comfortable and fell relaxed, the hotel has provided a spa center within the hotel premises. All these kind of services and facilities costs very low. That is what makes Hotel CK International to the list of best hotel in Shimla.

Amenities and Services of Hotel CK International | Best Hotel in Shimla

The hotel provides several other facilities to the tourists like:

  1. * Hygienic and well-furnished rooms.
  2. * LED TV in every room with a DTH connection.
  3. * Free Wi-Fi.
  4. * Tea/Coffee Maker in every room.
  5. * Very good room services.
  6. * Mini Bar and Tea Lounge.
  7. * Multi Provision Restaurant.
  8. * Dance Floor on request.
  9. * A hall specifically designed for conference meetings for approx 200 Delegates.
  10. * Free Parking Services.
  11. * Excellent Medical Services.
  12. * Fitness Center and etc.

The Hotel CK International has served its customers with devotion and honesty for the past several years. We, at the Hotel CK International, treat our customers well and in return, we get their smiles and good feedback. Thus, the customers' satisfaction along with excellent facilities make it the best hotel in Shimla.